Agustin, comes from a family of designers, weavers and sewers (the Andean mountains in Ecuador) leather was the first medium  he learned to sew  (I made shoes but even then I wasn't satisfied with the mundane) he started to mix colored leather because he wanted a product that was different and unique,  he liked putting many textures and colors together, to see what would happen,  most of the time it worked or it would lead to something new,  then he transferred to the upholstery fabric bags and vests, that he makes today.

    Part of his technique involves finding the right fabrics in terms of color, texture and quality. He hand cuts every design, so that edges match and the designs balanced. After cutting the fabrics and linings, he stitches them together and finishes all the edges by using a heavy duty serger sewing machine, so the edges would secure and the bag would be strong

    Another feature that makes his product unique is the use of seeds and tagua nuts from palm trees. These are hand collected, cut and polished to be used as  decoration.



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